Finishing & Packaging

Custom Packaging

Neutec Ceuticals began as a contract packager over 20 years ago and has extensive knowledge and experience providing both nutritional and pharmaceutical packaging. We know our experience in this area would benefit your business, as our fully integrated packaging facility can eliminate many production delays and extra shipping charges.

Our bottling lines can process up to 70 million finished bottles per year, including HDPE, PET, and Glass bottles. We offer induction sealing, neck banding, and full body sleeves as well as a range of labeling and imprinting options.

Our Blister packaging facility can fill up to 90 million cards per year and our post production assembly team can prepare even the most complicated retail display packaging.

Coating and Imprinting

Custom finishing is an essential part of building a complete and compelling brand identity. By communicating elegance within the products’ appearance, or simply improving a product performance and functionality, NCI can offer a full range of finishing options to help your business strive, including:

  • Custom color coating
  • Aqueous clear coating
  • Enteric coating of softgels and tablets
  • Laser and ink imprinting

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